Cataract is the clouding of natural lens of eye.cataract

Most people after sixty years of age will eventually develop cataract, it sometimes can also occur in children and in younger individuals.

In the olden days it was a misconception that it had to be fully ripe or mature before it is to be operated. But in the present time the moment cataract starts to interfere with the daily activities like watching T.V., reading, writing, driving, it can be operated.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not caused by eye strain or reading too much, but is a result of aging, injury, steroid use, exposure to UV light, smoking & diabetes. It is a natural process of eye aging.

Just behind the pupil of your eye is the lens. This focuses the light entering the pupil to make a clear image in the retina. The retina changes the image into a nerve impulse so that the brain can “see” it. Usually the lens of the eye is crystal clear so that light passes through it easily. If any cloudiness develops in the lens then it starts to block the light passing through and the patient begins to get blurred vision. When the blurring gets worse it is better to have the cloudy lens removed by an operation and replaced by a clear artificial lens.

Cataract surgery can be very safely performed in patients with Diabetes or Glaucoma.