We at Yash Eye Hospital and Laser Center want you to be as confident as we are in our technology and procedures, so here are the answers to a selection of the questions we are most commonly asked. Don’t forget that our Lasik Specialists are available by phone to answer any other questions you may have, so please feel free to ask.

LASIK stands for LASER IN-SITU KERATOMILEUSIS. It is a form of laser vision correction that is capable of correcting a wide range of glass numbers. The procedure uses a computer-controlled Excimer laser to correct your vision. Lasik is a permanent correction of your glass number.

Laser eye surgery treatment is virtually painless. However, you may experience some mild to moderate discomfort and watering of the eyes for a few hours after a LASIK treatment. It is usually performed under eye drop anesthesia. These eye drops numb your eye for about 10 minutes during which the procedure is usually completed.

Our success is built upon giving our patients the very best outcome that can possibly be achieved through laser correction. We attribute our Laser technology and the expertise of our Lasik Specialists to give you an individualized laser correction based on your eye needs. This has enabled us to give our patients sharper, better and clearer vision than what they experience with glasses and contact lenses. We maintain the highest standards of safety and patient care. The percentage of our patients achieving 6/6 or 20/20 vision is 97.5%.

Most of the eye growth takes place upto the age of 18 years. After this the eye number tends to stabilize and not change. Lasik should be done after the stability of the glass number has occurred for at least 1 year. The results are then permanent.

Laser technology used plays an extremely important role in the Laser Vision Correction. By choosing your laser technology and choosing a reputed Lasik team, you will ensure that you get the results of better, sharper and safe natural vision. Ensure that you get the Doctor’s personal attention, he / she can answer all your queries and that he / she is certified in Laser Correction & Refractive Surgery. To compare different Laser technologies in use today please click on the website.

Visual recovery after treatment is rapid. Most people achieve good vision the day after surgery and find that their eyes feel fairly normal 24 hours later. You will be able to resume your routine activities like driving, watching T.V, Reading and working on the computer within 2 days. However, your sight will improve even further, and the very best vision could take two weeks to achieve.

Once you have booked a time for a consultation on 0721 2579306 & +91 9405322920 or through the website or email dratulkadhane@gmail.com you will be asked a number of simple questions that will help us to prepare for your consultation. We would ask that you stop wearing soft contact lenses 3-4 days prior to your lasik check up as they may affect the readings we obtain relating to your eyes. If you wear semi soft lenses you will need to stop wearing the lenses for 3 weeks. Your check up will take about 45 minutes during which you will be obtaining information about the procedure. After the check up the lasik specialists will give you in-depth knowledge about what you can expect and achieve as.

Because of increased safety and the predictability of the procedure, world over and at Yash both eyes are treated at the same time.

Standard or Conventional Lasik is good if you are fine with the vision that you experience with your glasses and lenses. But if you wish to opt for better quality, sharper vision and a more advanced laser technology then you must consider the option of Wavefront Custom Lasik. This is the recommended form of Lasik by NASA for their astronauts on the VISX STAR 4 IR. The difference to the pricing is marginal, but the visual results after Wavefront Lasik are highly superior. The reason we have opted to keep Wavefront Lasik priced economically at Yash, is to enable more people to opt for this advanced form of treatment.

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