Generally, People celebrate their Birthday or Wedding Anniversery in Hotels or with Friends. But Founder of JCI Amravati, Dr. Purushottam Zanwar celebrate their Wedding Anniversery by doing operation of CATARACT of Needy People . This was done in YASH NETRALAYA by Dr. Atul Kadhane .
Mr. Mahendra was Bed Riddent because of Paralysis. Since last 12 years. He had CATARACT in his both Eyes but could not able to operate, because of poor socio economic status.
By blessings of Dr. Purushottam Zanwar, he got operated for his CATARACT at YASH NETRALAYA and his operation was done by Dr. Atul Kadhane . Now he is able to see this beautiful world again.

Yash Netralaya​
Vijay Colony, Rukhmini Nagar, Amravati.
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Cataract Operation Was Held In Yash Netralaya

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